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Distracted Driving: The Penalties and the Risks for Truck Drivers

Driving as a long-haul trucker comes with more risk than the average automobile driver. Semi-trucks require extra care during operation to account for the increased size, decreased maneuverability, and excessive payload weight. Truck drivers must maintain strict adherence to traffic laws when operating their vehicles to prevent serious accidents. The consequences of distracted driving when [...]

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Chain Reaction Crashes. Who’s At Fault?

Key Points of This Article: Causes of chain-reaction collisions How liability is determined after a multi-car accident How an experienced attorney can help you gather evidence and prove fault to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve Chain reaction collisions involving multiple vehicles, also known as a pile-up, can result in severe injuries and other [...]

Initiating a Social Security Disability Claim

Key Points of this Article: Understanding your options when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. What information you will need to apply. How an attorney can help you initiate your claim. Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can help support those who can no longer work to provide for themselves and/or their family. While those who [...]

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Kentucky Accident Reports for Winter Weather Wrecks

Key Points of This Article Western Kentucky communities battled scattered snow showers and a mix of below-freezing temperatures as the New Year rushed in, triggering several winter weather advisories and car accidents. Motorists are urged to drive with caution as temperatures stay below freezing and should watch out for slick areas in unexpected places. Buckle [...]

Kentucky Nursing Home Residents Deserve More Than a New Inspector General

Key Points of This Article: Kentucky’s Governor has placed an executive from a low-rated nursing home chain, Signature HealthCARE, to oversee nursing home inspections on behalf of federal agencies. More than half of Kentucky’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities are rated as “much below average” or “below average” by the U.S. Centers for Medicare [...]

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Firm Update Regarding Coronavirus

At the law firm of Rhoads and Rhoads, we recognize that we are living in challenging times. While we all have concerns about our families, health, employment, and more -  I want to reassure you that Rhoads and Rhoads is still accommodating our clients through phone call meetings. If you have been injured in an accident, [...]

Understaffing Adds to Coronavirus Risk for Kentucky’s Long-Term Care Residents

Key Points of This Article: There are nearly 24,000 residents in nursing home facilities across the Bluegrass state, dependent on their daily care needs to be met by others. Infection control has been a problem at nursing homes across Kentucky, making residents vulnerable to serious harm as coronavirus spreads. As of Tuesday, March 10, [...]

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Most Dangerous Intersections in Owensboro and Kentucky

Synopsis Of the 3,537 roadway fatalities in Kentucky from 2010 through 2014, 450 resulted from collisions at roadway intersections. The most dangerous intersection in Kentucky is in Louisville at 2nd Street and Broadway. As part of a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) project, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has identified several unsafe intersections across the region, [...]

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Forklift Accidents in Kentucky

Synopsis More than 2.8 billion workers will be injured on the job each year, and thousands more die from work-related accidents that could have been prevented with the proper training and work-site protection. Powered industrial trucks, commonly referred to as PITS, forklifts or lift trucks, are used in many industries to move heavy boxes and shipments [...]

Kentucky Nursing Homes Have a Bedsore Problem

Synopsis Kentucky’s nursing home residents are being left ignored, suffering, and injured at the hands of neglectful administrators who run understaffed facilities. Nearly half of all Kentucky nursing homes carry less than average care scores, under the regulation of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. As the state continues to struggle with caregiving shortages, [...]

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