Medical Negligence

/Medical Negligence

Kentucky is One of the Safest States for High School Athletes

Kentucky Near Top of 2017 List For Safest High School Athletes More than half of Kentucky kids are participating in athletic events and sporting activities this year and now their parents and coaches have something additional to cheer about. A University of Connecticut report ranked Kentucky as one of the safest states for high-school athletes. [...]

Wrongful Death of a Parent: Kentucky Children Can Claim Damages

Kentucky Law Supports Child’s Rights To Claim Damages In Wrongful Death of Parent In 1997, the Kentucky Supreme Court created a claim for children's loss of consortium resulting from the wrongful death of a parent (GIULIANI v. GUILER, 951 S.W.2d.318 (Ky. 1997)). Cases like these involve a child recovering damages because of loss of love, affection, guidance, care, comfort and [...]

American Heart Month Highlights Risk of Misdiagnosis

FEBRUARY IS AMERICAN HEART MONTH February has long been celebrated as a month to raise awareness about heart health, yet Kentucky has the 8th highest death rate from cardiovascular disease in the country, with latest statistics showing nearly 10,000 annual deaths from the often-preventable-disease. NEW REPORT SAYS WOMEN OFTEN UNDIAGNOSED WITH HEART DISEASE, HEART ATTACK [...]

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