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Keep Your Kids Safe From Car Accident Injuries

Synopsis The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that every 30 seconds, one child under the age of 13 will be involved in a crash. In 2017, over one-third of adolescent children killed in passenger vehicles were not restrained in car seats, booster seats, or seat belts. Injuries and deaths related [...]

What You Should Know About Kentucky Uber and Lyft Car Accidents

Synopsis For the last decade, ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, have changed the transportation landscape in Kentucky. While young adults are the most likely age group to use ride-sharing services, adult commuters, and those living in urban communities with higher incomes also serve as a large group of customers. Ride-share driver choices can [...]

When Will Your Kentucky “No Fault” Coverage Apply?

In Kentucky, Drivers Can Choose “No Fault” Auto Insurance Video: Attorney Jerry Rhoads explains the basics of PIP Insurance coverage Kentucky’s “No Fault” or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Law is important for anyone who owns or drives an automobile in the state of Kentucky to understand. The PIP coverage is provided by the driver’s [...]

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Deadly Crashes on I-75 Mar Kentucky Summer

Individual Wrecks Shut Interstate 75 Down So far, accident reports involving Kentucky’s Interstate 75 (I-75) have been too tragic for most to read through this summer. For example, I-75 in Rockcastle County was closed three times as the result of separate wrecks within just a few days of each other. Construction work has been busy [...]

Work Zone Congestion Leads to Large Crash on I-65

I-65 Crash Highlights Work Zones and Semi-Truck Dangers  Kentucky State Police say a recent southbound crash on Interstate 65 involved many vehicles and resulted in hundreds of travelers stuck in accident-related traffic for hours. Initial reports show the wreck occurred at the 66-mile marker work zone where bridge repair is underway and the interstate merges [...]

Will PIP Insurance Apply to My Case?

If You Own a Motor Vehicle in Kentucky, You Are Required to Have Insurance As we are witness to the continued rise in car accidents resulting in serous personal injuries, Kentucky’s “No Fault” or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Law is important for anyone who owns or drives an automobile in the state of Kentucky [...]

ATV Safety Tips to Help Save Kentucky Lives

Without Proper Training, ATVs Can Be Dangerous and Deadly Kentucky has miles of ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) trails, calling fast riding enthusiasts from all parts of the state to enjoy a thrilling ride on nearly any kind of terrain. ATVs are intended for off–road use only, and mostly used as recreational vehicles to experience the outdoors but [...]

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Kentucky Speeding Laws: What Drivers Should Know

Speeding Continues to Contribute to Kentucky Motorist Fatalities Ranked high amongst the main causes of motor vehicle crashes in America, speeding continues to contribute to 30 percent of all accidents on U.S. roadways. Latest statistics from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet show that of the 640 people killed in Kentucky traffic accidents last year, 90 occurred [...]

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents on Rise in Kentucky

LACK OF SKILL, RIDING WHILE IMPAIRED RELATED TO RISE IN MOTORCYCLISTS DEATH RATE  Kentucky’s Commission on Motorcycle Education and Safety has reported a rise in injuries and deaths related to the more than 2,000 motorcycle accidents that occurred across the state in 2015. Kentucky is not the only state seeing the rise though. According to [...]

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