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Where Do Broadside Collisions Most Commonly Occur?

Broadside collisions, also known as T-bone accidents, occur when one vehicle crashes into another vehicle’s side. After hitting the side of another vehicle, the two perpendicular vehicles resemble a “T” shape. These types of car accidents are especially dangerous given the angle of impact and reduced protection at a vehicle’s side. Broadside collisions frequently occur [...]

My Family Care Doctor Refuses to Treat My Accident Injuries. What Should I Do?

It’s often surprising and frustrating to learn that your family doctor will not treat or evaluate your injuries following an accident. After a car accident or slip and fall injury, your family doctor who you’ve been seeing for years, potentially, might simply say no to treatment and evaluation.  While such a scenario seems off putting, [...]

Who is at Fault in a Lane-Changing Accident?

Key Points of This Article: It’s challenging to determine who is at fault in a lane-changing accident because these crashes can be quite complex. There are many factors involved and numerous parties who may be at fault, including another driver or multiple drivers who did something negligent. You may have life-changing injuries from an accident [...]

How Is Fault Determined In Kentucky Semi-Truck Accidents?

Key Points of This Article: The dangers of trucking accidents What parties can be held liable in trucking accidents How to prove and determine fault  When someone is involved in an accident with a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer, the resulting damages and injuries can be extensive and severe. Unfortunately, proving fault in these types of [...]

Can A Pedestrian Be Found At Fault In A Kentucky Car Accident?

Key Points of This Article: Kentucky rules govern when pedestrians have the right of way on the road and when they don’t. Pedestrians can be found at fault for a car accident if they don’t practice a reasonable level of care.  Even if a pedestrian isn’t struck by a vehicle, they can still be held [...]

Intersection Accidents: Who’s At Fault and Common Injuries

Key Points of This Article: How to determine who is at fault in an intersection accident The leading causes of intersection accidents Common injuries sustained from intersection accidents Steps to take following an intersection accident Intersections are designed to allow for the flow of multi-directional traffic, making it easier to connect not only drivers, but [...]

6 Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes And 4 Ways To Avoid Them

Key Points of This Article: Motorcyclists and their passengers are 37 times more likely to die while riding a motorcycle than in a car accident – and nine times more likely to become injured while riding a motorcycle than while driving a car. Over 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in some type of injury, including disabling leg injuries, road rash, muscle tears, and damage to the [...]

Common Questions About Ride-Sharing Accidents In Kentucky

Key Points of This Article: Popular ride-hailing services provided by companies such as Uber and Lyft are expected to getting busier and more competitive across Kentucky. Providers in Paducah, Owensboro, and Madisonville have said there is a shortage of rideshare vehicles caused by coronavirus challenges, which could cause even seasoned drivers to be a bit [...]

Spring Break Car Accidents and Family Road Trip Injuries

Key Points of This Article: Traffic safety officials nationwide, including here in Kentucky, are pleading with motorists preparing for spring break vacations to respect traffic safety laws despite the appearance of fewer travelers on the road due to the pandemic. Weather, drowsiness, distractions, impaired driving, and inexperienced operators like teens add increased hazards to the [...]

What To Say When A Car Insurance Company Calls You

Key Points of This Article: Most accident victims don’t know how insurance works and are unsure how to talk with them when prompted to give for personal information from another person’s provider. Everything that happens within initial conversations between you and another person’s insurance company can be used to deny your claims and drop your [...]

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