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Nursing Home Patients with Alzheimer’s Are Targets of Elder Abuse

Alzheimer’s Patients Are Common Victims of Elder Abuse A striking 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's – the memory loss disease that accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. Sadly, this growing population has fell victim to approximately 2 million cases of elder abuse incidences each year the Alzheimer’s Association reports. Most [...]

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Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Equipped to Handle Flu Season?

How Are Kentucky Nursing Homes Responding to Deadly Flu Season? With AARP ranking Kentucky at the bottom for providing long-term services for seniors, it’s an important time of the year to ensure your loved one’s nursing home is adequately providing the kind of support needed to safeguard workers and residents from one of Kentucky’s most [...]

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What to Ask to Ensure Your Loved Ones in Nursing Homes Are Being Treated Well

Reminder: Check On Family Members Living in Nursing Homes After we shared a national review from AARP that ranked Kentucky at the bottom for providing services and support for seniors and people with disabilities, we thought it to be a good time to remind you to check-in on your loved ones who are living in [...]

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