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Top 10 OSHA Workplace Safety Violations

New Data Reveals Kentucky’s Workers May Be Getting Hurt Less Often For the first time in Kentucky’s labor history, the state has reached the lowest rate of nonfatal workplace incidents. The most recent data (2016) supporting this claim was released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau’s report showed that Kentucky’s rate of [...]

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Welding Fumes May Be Hurting Kentucky Workers in Mines

Kentucky Welders Who Work in Mines May Have High Exposure Risk to Welding Fumes The Mine Safety and Health Administration has created plenty of rules and safety policies for welders who work in mines to know about the exposure risks to the many hazardous substances found in welding fumes. Unfortunately, with many companies, employers are [...]

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Investigation Deems Company at Fault in Kentucky Coal Miner’s Death

Federal Investigation Cites Inadequate Safety Guards Caused Kentucky Miner’s Death After months of investigating, the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) released the report on Ray Hatfield Jr.’s January 26th mining-related death. Hatfield was killed when his clothing got caught up within a roller shaft while he was shoveling loose coal from under the [...]

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Overview of Kentucky’s Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Understanding Kentucky’s Workers’ Comp Coverage  Workers injured on the job in Kentucky, are covered by the state’s workers’ compensation laws - with few exceptions for independent contractors, domestic workers, and most volunteers. Workers’ compensation provides injured workers with compensation for medical costs, temporary disability, or permanent disability if lingering injuries or impairments are present. State [...]

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Federal Investigation Finds Safety Issues in Circumstances of Miner’s Death

 On January 19, 2016, Nathan Phillips was crushed to death by mining machinery at Webster County Coal’s Dotiki underground mine. He was moving a continuous mining machine when the conveyor boom on the back swung and hit him in the chest. Phillips was pinned to the side of the mine by the heavy equipment, which [...]

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