I think with Chris, when I first met him, and with everyone I’ve met in this office, they have a genuine interest in you. And they care about you. It’s not about making money. They want to listen to you and they want to understand and hear your story and try to help meet your needs the best that they can.
Amy, Car Accident & Social Security Disability

I recommend Rhoads & Rhoads. They’re more like family. They’re not like a typical lawyer. I’ve never met any lawyers like Rhoads & Rhoads.
Debbie & Kenny, Car Accident

Chris Rhoads met with me for several hours. He was the most caring person I’ve ever met. It was like an angel had been sent to me. I’ll never forget the day.
Denise, Car Accident & Social Security

They went to bat for me. Without a doubt they knew all the ins and outs;, and what should be done, and how it should be done. I put all my faith in them and they did a good job.
Duane, Car Accident & Workers Comp

The case went like silk. Smooth as silk.
George, Motorcycle Accident

Couldn’t have asked for a friendlier guy (Chris Rhoads). That’s the thing about everyone in this office. I’m just so impressed with how friendly and helpful they all are.
John, Car Accident & Social Security

They brought us a lot of peace knowing that we didn’t have to pay all the hospital bills and medical bills. The attorney gave me his phone number. I could call anytime day or night and talk to him.
Leonard, Product Liability/Personal Injury

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