Consult This Year’s “Most Dangerous Toys” List Before Doing Your Holiday Shopping

2017 “Worst Toy List” Can Help You Avoid the Dangers of Harmful Toys Buyers have a right to expect that the gifts they purchase for children are safe. Unfortunately, potentially dangerous toys remain an ongoing problem in the U.S. Due to poor design, manufacturing and marketing practices, there are toys available for purchase today with [...]

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7 Tips for Safer Travel This Holiday Season

Travel Safe During the Holiday Season The holiday season is here and that means you and your family may be planning a special road trip to see Santa, or fueling up and traveling to your favorite winter vacation destination, or maybe just taking the regular old two-hour drive to a family’s home for dinner. Wherever [...]

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Kentucky Coal Mine Falsified Safety-Inspection Record

Workers Who Fail to Perform Safety Checks Put Others at Risk A report of has surfaced stating that a Kentucky coal mine supervisor has been sentenced for violating the Mine Safety and Health Act for falsifying a safety-inspection record. The worker was chief of maintenance and responsible for making a weekly inspection report of heavy [...]

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Kentucky Among Worst States at Getting Vehicle Recall Work Done

Too Many Recalled Vehicles Traveling Kentucky Roads In 2016, a record-high 53.2 million vehicles were recalled in the United States. In Kentucky, 25 percent of vehicles operating on the roads today have unrepaired recalls even though free repairs are available. This ranks Kentucky as the eighth-highest open recall rate in the nation. Because of these dangerous numbers, [...]

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3 Common Home Injuries You Can Avoid This Holiday Season

The Holiday Season Sees a Spike In Accidents Around the House Although it is the last thing you want to happen, the holidays are a time when accidents around the home are more likely. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the average number of visits to doctor’s offices and/or emergency departments each year [...]

Welding Fumes May Be Hurting Kentucky Workers in Mines

Kentucky Welders Who Work in Mines May Have High Exposure Risk to Welding Fumes The Mine Safety and Health Administration has created plenty of rules and safety policies for welders who work in mines to know about the exposure risks to the many hazardous substances found in welding fumes. Unfortunately, with many companies, employers are [...]

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13 Safe Driving Tips for the Upcoming Kentucky Winter Weather

Slick Roads Often Arrive with Late Fall Cold Fronts and Early Winter Air Most of western Kentucky will be bracing for cooler weather in the coming weeks. These late fall cold fronts often slide through with cloudy skies and scattered showers, and lows that dip into freezing temps overnight, leaving winter-like air covering most areas [...]

37 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled After Numerous Reports of Injuries & Property Damage

37 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled After Failure To Discharge On November 2, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of about 37.8 million plastic handled fire extinguishers made by Kidde. The recall claims the fire extinguishers, “can become clogged or require excessive force to discharge and can fail to activate during a fire emergency. In addition, the nozzle can [...]

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Kentucky Worker’s Death Highlights Need for Stricter Safeguards at Coal Ash Sites

Worker Dies After Slipping Into Coal Ash Pond at Kentucky Power Plant A 36-year-old Kentucky Utilities contractor, Aaron Bunger, was tragically killed at a workplace accident when KU officials say he “slipped into” a coal ash pond at the power plant in Ghent, Kentucky. Bunger was employed by Tetra Tech, a global services company based [...]

Kentucky in the Top Third For Most Deer Vehicle Collisions

Kentucky Ranks 15th For the Most Deer Vehicle Collisions in U.S. Deer are now on the move across the Bluegrass state making it likely that Uncle Buck and his white-tailed mates will be sharing your local highway or rural county road with you and your family this month. And according to new claims data from [...]

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