Checklist For Your First Meeting With Your Personal Injury Attorney

What to Bring to Your First Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer
Reliving the sequence of events that happened prior, during, or after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, or even a collision with a tractor-trailer, can be traumatic and often overwhelming. But once you have realized you may have a case and have decided to […]

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Wrongful Death of a Parent: Kentucky Children Can Claim Damages

Kentucky Law Supports Child’s Rights To Claim Damages In Wrongful Death of Parent
In 1997, the Kentucky Supreme Court created a claim for children’s loss of consortium resulting from the wrongful death of a parent (GIULIANI v. GUILER, 951 S.W.2d.318 (Ky. 1997)). Cases like these involve a child recovering damages because of loss of love, affection, guidance, care, comfort and protection, […]

Justice Served For Kentucky Coal Miner

Rhoads & Rhoads Wins Kentucky Coal Miner Case
Rhoads & Rhoads is no stranger to representing Kentucky coal workers who have been injured, disabled, or wronged. In fact, in 1974 Jerry Rhoads started the law firm in Madisonville with the majority of the practice focusing on representing the United Mine Workers’ of America (UMWA) and […]

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Post With Caution: How Your Social Media Activity Can Hurt Your Legal Case

Social Media Can Hurt Your Injury Claim
We have all done it. We have a life event occur and the fastest way to let the ones we are close to find out about it is by creating a heartfelt post on Facebook, share a filtered image on Instagram or Snapchat, or fill up Twitter with thoughts […]

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Spouses of Those Injured In Kentucky Accidents Have Legal Options Too

Reviewing the Legal Rights of the Husband or Wife of an Injured Spouse
The Kentucky Safety and Prevention Alignment Network (KSPAN) has been reporting a decrease in several causes and types of injuries in recent years, including those related to motor vehicle traffic crashes, fire, homicide and traumatic brain injury (TBI). But as the number […]

Kentucky Property Damage Claims: What You Should Know

Making a Property Damage Claim After a Car Accident
After being involved in a car wreck, the experience of dealing with your own insurance provider or the at-fault party’s insurance company can be more than frustrating. Once you have informed them of the accident, you will then need to make arrangements to provide a copy of […]

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Recorded Statements After Kentucky Car Accidents: Know Your Rights

Common Client Question: Should I Give the Insurance Company a Recorded Statement? 
Yes, it is very important to gather and give as much information as possible to insurance companies to help settle your claim, but giving a recorded statement could position you in a situation where it may be used against you. If you have been […]

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Will You Have to Go to Court for Your Personal Injury Case?

Common Client Question: Will I have to go to court?
The majority of personal injury clients Rhoads & Rhoads represent do stay out of the courtroom. Not only is this preferred by most clients because a jury trial can quickly become costly, but also because we work tirelessly to resolve any claims through settlement negotiations before […]

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Pain and Suffering: Claiming Physical and Mental Distress

Yes, You Can Be Compensated For Pain and Suffering
Personal injury cases typically arise when someone is injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligent or reckless behavior. Cases can be complicated, time consuming, costly and complex when understanding the specific types of damages for which a personal injury victim can claim compensation.

Some damages like […]

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Kentucky Speeding Laws: What Drivers Should Know

Speeding Continues to Contribute to Kentucky Motorist Fatalities
Ranked high amongst the main causes of motor vehicle crashes in America, speeding continues to contribute to 30 percent of all accidents on U.S. roadways. Latest statistics from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet show that of the 640 people killed in Kentucky traffic accidents last year, 90 occurred due […]