Enter at Your Own Risk? Haunted Houses and Spooky Attractions

Visitors Assume A Certain Amount of Risk For Haunted Venues Many people love spending their money on spooky attractions this month. In fact, each Halloween, more than $7 billion is spent on entertainment activities like haunted houses and related spooky attractions across the country. If you are one of those people currently rallying your friends [...]

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Pedestrians and Drivers Must Work Together to Avoid Accidents

Homeless Man Dies In Fayette County Pedestrian Car Crash Lexington police have recently reported a pedestrian death after a homeless man was struck and killed at Winchester and Elkhorn roads in the Hamburg area. A 25-year-old Winchester woman, was the operator of the inbound vehicle that caused a blunt force trauma to the pedestrian after [...]

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10 Tips to Avoid Accidents Around Trucks & Buses

How To Avoid An Accident With A Large Truck or Bus Big trucks and buses have many operating limitations such as large blind spots, long stopping distances, and limited maneuverability. These limitations make it essential for other vehicles to put an extra special focus on safety when sharing the road with them. The team at Rhoads & Rhoads, [...]

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Keep Kentucky City Workers Safe with These 10 Driving Tips

Scottsville City Worker Killed After Being Hit By Driver Kentucky State Police recently reported a two-vehicle collision in the city of Scottsville that caused the wrongful death of a waste collection worker. Preliminary investigation reports indicated that Kenny Manion, 58 of Scottsville was operating a 2011 GMC Yukon headed east on Locust Street when he [...]

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Emergency Vehicles Always Have the Right-of-Way

Collision Between Car and Louisville Fire Truck Was Deadly A recent crash involving a car and a fire and rescue unit on Algonquin Parkway near McCloskey Avenue in Louisville left one person dead and five others injured. Louisville Metro Police reported that a fire truck was headed to an emergency with lights and sirens blaring [...]

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Social Security Disability Backlog Affects Kentuckians

1 Million Americans Awaiting Social Security Disability Nearly 950,000 Kentucky residents currently receive some type of Social Security benefits and that number is not likely to grow substantially from here on out. Data compiled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) say more than 1 million Americans who have applied are waiting out an approval they [...]

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New Compliance Initiative Results from Rise in Coal Miner Deaths

Rise in Coal Miner Injuries and Fatalities Contribute to Department of Labor Compliance Initiative Earlier this summer, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration launched a compliance assistance initiative to address the number of increased injuries and fatalities among less experienced coal miners. The prompt came after MSHA reviewed data from October 2015 through [...]

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Child Passenger Safety Week: Most Common Car Seat Errors

Child Passenger Safety Week is Sept. 17-23, 2017 Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and disability for children nationwide. On average, two U.S. children under age 13 were killed and 308 were injured every day in 2014 while riding in vehicles. In 2015, 31 children age 15 and under were killed in motor [...]

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Neck Pain After a Car Accident Could be Worse Than You Think

Car Accidents Can Cause Serious Whiplash Whiplash occurs when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward and then forward, putting the cervical spine through too fast motions and extreme, quick stresses. Most cases of whiplash occur as a result of rear-end car crashes but can also happen from a side-impact or T-bone collision. Less [...]

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Flash Floods: How to Spot Them and Get Away Safely

With Hurricane Harvey weighing on the minds and hearts of all Americans this week, we wanted to take some time to talk about flooding and flood safety. In a critical situation, being informed can be the difference between life and death. Don’t Underestimate the Force of a Flooded Roadway On average, nearly 100 people will [...]

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