4 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case

4 Steps to Creating a Personal Injury Journal After being injured in any type of accident and you plan on making a claim, you may be confused about what to do next. One of the easiest and helpful actions you can take to create organized support for your personal injury claim is to gather and [...]

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7 Safety Tips to Keep Your Child in a Car Seat Safe

Updated Car Seat Guidelines May Save Lives, Reduce Child Accident Injuries Newly supported research by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is impacting changes in U.S. child car seat guidelines. The updated guidelines recommend rear-facing car seats for children until they reach the height or weight limit for the seat, likely beyond a toddler’s second birthday, and leaving [...]

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High School Football Helmets in Kentucky

Kentucky High School Team Plays with NFL Rated Helmets High school football remains the most popular sport for young male athletes in Kentucky. And one bluegrass high school team is taking player safety as top priority this year by purchasing the NFL’s top performing helmet to reduce concussions rates and prevent future head injuries like [...]

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An Overview of Teen Driving for the Back to School Season

School Year Driving Reminders for Your Teen Back to school congested roads mixed with excited yet inexperienced, distracted, lack of seat belt using operators who have riskier driving habits like speeding, school zones are naturally the home of a driving disaster waiting to happen for many of Kentucky’s teens. In fact, the number of young drivers [...]

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The 5 Most Common Towing Errors Drivers Make

What Drivers Should Know Before They Tow Earlier this summer, two motorcyclists died after colliding head-on into a utility trailer that came loose from a truck on U.S. 150 in Mount Vernon. The trailer went into the eastbound lane, where the motorcycles were also traveling. While towing accidents aren’t always the riskiest roadway hazard for [...]

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Tens of Thousands of Women Harmed By Essure Birth Control

Essure Exits Market After 30K Women Report Injuries Essure, a nonsurgical sterilization birth control implant made by Bayer, is finally leaving the market after years of accumulating blame for causing more than 30,000 injuries to women. These consumers have reported health issues and severe injuries such as chronic pain, serious allergic reactions, excessive bleeding, pregnancy [...]

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Three Types of Motor Vehicle Accident Facial Injuries

Facial Injuries Can Leave Car Accidents Victims Scarred and Disfigured Car accident injury can be painful and frightening, but when injuries to the face, head and neck occur lasting impacts are made on car or truck accident victims who have likely already endured a serious emotional trauma or other physical injury. Since areas to the [...]

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Report Paints Grim Picture of Dangers for Mothers Giving Birth in the U.S.

Data Shows U.S. Is Most Dangerous Place For A Mother To Give Birth According to the CDC, at least 700 women die every year from pregnancy or childbirth and 50,000 mothers suffer unimaginable injuries. Those shocking statistics support a July 2018 USA Today report that identified the U.S. as the most dangerous place to give birth [...]

Electronic Stability Control Systems: Does Your Car Have One?

Learn About This Vehicle Safety Feature Before You Buy Most luxury automakers have touted the placement of extra safety features in shiny models for years, but as designers are now migrating some of these extra technologies into all of their vehicles, consumers should begin searching for them when looking for cars, trucks and SUVs to [...]

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When Is It Time To Take The Keys Away From Your Aging Parent?

25 Warning Signs That Your Aging Parent Should Stop Driving Most adult children would like their parents to maintain their driving independence as long as they continue to move safely and confidently on the road, but it is also just as important to scan their ability to drive when vision, memory, strength, flexibility, and quick [...]

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