2021 Social Security Disability Insurance Updates

Key Points of This Article: It is usual for Kentuckians to have many questions about the different types of Social Security benefits, eligibility, how to apply, and how to appeal in the case of a denial. Social Security Disability Insurance is one type of program available to disabled workers who have paid into the Social [...]

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Did Your Car Accident Happen In A Kentucky Work Zone?

Key Points of This Article: In 2020, there were 905 construction zone crashes in Kentucky, resulting in 228 injuries and six fatalities. The majority of victims in work zone crashes are motorists who suffer injuries like whiplash, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The symptoms of motor vehicle accident injuries, serious or seemingly minor, [...]

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What Will It Take To End Distracted Driving Crashes in Kentucky?

Key Points of This Article: In Kentucky, distracted driving results in over 50,000 crashes and nearly 200 deaths each year. Nearly 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involve some form of distraction within three seconds before the event. Talking on a cell phone – even hands-free – or texting or programming an in-vehicle infotainment [...]

Was An Overloaded Truck The Cause of Your Kentucky Car Accident?

Key Points of This Article: In 2019, approximately 90% of all fatal crashes involving large trucks in Kentucky occurred in rural areas or Interstate highways, similar to those found in Boone, Daviess, and Clark counties. Trucking companies sometimes ignore regulations designed to minimize dangerous travel and push aside safety to ensure on-time deliveries. Semi-truck operators [...]

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Social Security Benefits

Key Points of This Article: There are 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 living with Alzheimer’s today, and Early Onset Alzheimer’s is a progressive, terminal disease, which cannot be prevented, cured, or even slowed. In Kentucky, more than 75,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia. Social Security benefits are very [...]

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Need a Lawyer After Hit by a Car or Truck in Kentucky?

Key Points of This Article: There has been a surge in reckless driving accidents impacting pedestrians during the COVID- 19 pandemic, causing alarm for motorists to become more aware and do all they can to avoid a crash with other road uses, including pedestrians. Whether you are commuting to work or school on foot, out [...]

Women Remain At Higher Risk Of Serious Car Accident Injury

Key Points of This Article: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released new data showing that women are much more likely, by nearly 75%, to be injured more severely if involved in a car accident. Kentucky State Police reported in 2019 that women are at greater risk than men for being seriously injured in [...]

How To Use Kentucky Roundabouts & Avoid Intersection Accidents

Key Points of This Article: Where roundabouts have been installed, motor vehicle crashes have declined by about 40%, and those involving injuries have been reduced by about 80%, according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Modern roundabouts throughout Kentucky have been shown to increase traffic capacity through intersections by 30 – 50% while reducing congestion and [...]

Kentucky Flood Waters and Dangerous Drivers

Key Points of This Article: Never underestimate the force rain and melting snow, the threat of flash flooding, and river flooding can have on safe travel. Flash floods are the No. 1 cause of storm-related deaths in Kentucky and can be an added problem behind irresponsible driving and rain-related accidents. Drivers should avoid any flooded [...]

Can I Get Social Security For My Car Accident Brain Injury?

Key Points of This Article: More than 5.3 million children and adults in the United States live with a permanent brain injury-related disability. Car accidents contribute to about 14% of the traumatic brain injury cases across America each year. For accident victims who are no longer able to work due to severe and long-lasting psychological [...]