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Living in Warren County

Warren County boasts the fifth largest population of any county in Kentucky, which is growing steadily since 1980 at just over 125,000 residents. The largest city and county seat, Bowling Green, sits conveniently located in the middle of the county and is home to over half of county residents with a population of approximately 67,000.

Nearly 40 other communities also call Warren County home, from Woodburn in the southwest corner, Anna and Richardsville in the northeast to Hadley, located along Interstate 165 to the far west and Hydro along the Barren County line.

Major industries in and around Bowling Green, such as the GM assembly and Fruit of the Loom plants, bring plenty of semi-truck traffic to Warren County via Interstates 65 and 165 as well as commuter traffic from thousands of workers on the road every day.

In 2018, 74% of voters approved a change to the long-standing county law banning alcohol, making Warren County the newest wet county in Kentucky. This allows the serving and sale of alcohol to people throughout the county of legal age, not just Bowling Green residents as it has been for almost 60 years. Interestingly, local law enforcement officials believe this may lead to a decrease in inebriated auto accident driving cases, as drivers will have to travel shorter distances to purchase and consume alcoholic drinks. Many of the DUI charges in the county occur on roadways into and out of neighboring counties that are already wet.

Driving in Warren County

Bowling Green is also home to Western Kentucky University, which enrolls 20,000 students a year, adding thousands of drivers to county roadways. A main attraction in the county is the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, which draws in traffic from Corvette drivers and otherwise from a quarter million visitors annually.

At the eastern edge of the county, Smith’s Grove and Oakland straddle Interstate 65. After Bowling Green, these two towns see the highest number of traffic incidents in the county, with nearly 200 over a recent three-year period.

Drake and Woodburn are on either side of Interstate 65 in the southwest corner of the county. The smaller municipalities for the most part have their own fire departments for emergency response, while policing of the county outside of Bowling Green is done by both the Kentucky State Police and the Warren County Sheriff’s office.

Watch Out for Accident-Prone Roadways in Warren County

Since the start of 2018, the county has seen just over 1,000 traffic accidents that have resulted in injury; 20 of these accidents caused at least one death. According to information available through the Kentucky State Police, several stretches of road see more than their share of accidents, including:

  • Scottsville Road between Interstate 65 and Nashville Road
  • Nashville Road between Interstate 165 and Kentucky Street
  • Campbell Lane between Scottsville Road and Nashville Road

Very Dangerous Intersections include:

  • Fairview Avenue and Nashville Road
  • Veterans Memorial Lane and Morgantown Road
  • Veterans Memorial Lane and Russellville Road
  • Scottsville Road and Cave Mill Road

Throughout Kentucky, 1,506 people lost their lives in fatal traffic collisions in 2017 and 2018. The causes of these fatal accidents in the state mirror the same reasons cited nationwide –

  • distracted and inattentive driving
  • operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired
  • non-use of safety restraints leading to vehicle ejections
  • operating vehicles at excessive speeds

Particularly frightening for drivers are accidents with semi-trucks. In 2017, over 1,500 traffic accidents throughout Kentucky involved large trucks. Eighty-two resulted in death, including seven fatalities in Warren County. Run-ins with semi-trucks can be catastrophic for drivers of cars and SUVs because large trucks can weigh as much as four times more than passenger vehicles.

Motorcyclists also find roadways to be hazardous, with nearly 5,000 people per year killed in approximately 90,000 motorcycle-involved accidents annually. In 2017, 89 motorcycle accidents resulting in a fatality are among the nearly 1,700 incidents reported across Kentucky.  The lack of protection for riders involved in accidents means motorcyclists are up to 30 times more likely to be in a fatal accident compared to other motorists.

At Rhoads & Rhoads law office, we have extensive experience representing people injured or killed in auto and truck accidents as well as motorcycle riders, having won settlements of $2.1 million and $1.8 million in recent cases. We protect the rights of the injured in Warren County and throughout Western Kentucky, for 45 years and counting. We will help you through this difficult time and get you the monetary compensation you deserve. 

Emergency Contact Information for Warren County and Municipalities

TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital, 1801 Ashley Circle, Bowling Green – 270-793-1000

Warren County Sheriff’s Office – 270-842-1633

Bowling Green Fire Department – 270-393-3702

Bowling Green Police Department – 270-393-2473

Smith’s Grove Fire Department – 270-563-2901

Oakland/Gott Fire Department – 270-843-4657

Woodburn Fire Department – 270-529-2301 (Sheriff for police)

Count on Rhoads & Rhoads for Experienced Legal Representation

Rhoads & Rhoads represents victims and their families in a variety of practice areas in addition to those related to vehicular accidents.

Wrongful Death claims in Warren County involve negligence, recklessness or intentional acts that result in death, in areas such as medical malpractice or vehicle accidents. In wrongful death cases, family members may be eligible for compensation for the loss of future earnings, medical costs, emotional distress, pain and suffering and more. The largest verdict in the history of our firm is $42 million for the family of a nursing home resident who died as a result of abuse and neglect perpetrated by care-givers.

Worker’s Compensation claims in Warren County involve recovering damages for individuals injured while on the job. Warren County residents can be eligible for workers comp for medical costs, temporary or permanent disability or other compensation. While employers have clear responsibility to employees in this area, they sometimes elect to pursue a path that limits their cost, at the direct expense of employees. This is where the experienced lawyers at Rhoads & Rhoads can protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Social Security claims in Warren County, especially involving eligible disability benefits, are often frustrating, time-consuming and frequently unsuccessful to attain. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration unfortunately has some executives whose main goal is to draw out the application process for as long as possible in the hope that applicants will eventually stop trying to get the benefits they deserve. Less than half of all claims are ultimately approved, and that number drops if applicants don’t have competent legal counsel such as Rhoads & Rhoads on their side. 

Warren County, Kentucky Injury Lawyers

A U.S. News & World Report top-rated law firm, Kentucky-based Rhoads & Rhoads is dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation to our neighbors in Warren County. Our personal injury attorneys will give you the expert guidance you need to win or settle cases of appropriate compensation for injuries sustained in accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles or semi-trucks, worker’s compensation and Social Security disability as well as representing families in the event of wrongful death. When faced with all the disruptions that court cases like these bring to your life, the last thing you should worry about is the competence of your attorneys. With a history of successful representation for the people of western Kentucky, Rhoads & Rhoads is the firm you want on your side. Call us at 1-888-709-9329 for an initial free consultation. We don’t charge you until we’ve successfully won or settled your case.

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