What Car Accident Injuries Can Cause Back And Neck Pain?

Key Points of This Article: Car crashes can cause severe neck and back injuries throughout the structures in and surrounding the cervical spine, neck, and in extreme cases, trauma to the brain. Minor to severe neck, shoulder, head, and back pain can present moments or even days after being involved in a crash. Therefore, you [...]

6 Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes And 4 Ways To Avoid Them

Key Points of This Article: Motorcyclists and their passengers are 37 times more likely to die while riding a motorcycle than in a car accident – and nine times more likely to become injured while riding a motorcycle than while driving a car. Over 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in some type of injury, including disabling leg injuries, road rash, muscle tears, and damage to the [...]

Common Questions About Ride-Sharing Accidents In Kentucky

Key Points of This Article: Popular ride-hailing services provided by companies such as Uber and Lyft are expected to getting busier and more competitive across Kentucky. Providers in Paducah, Owensboro, and Madisonville have said there is a shortage of rideshare vehicles caused by coronavirus challenges, which could cause even seasoned drivers to be a bit [...]

Motorcycle Fatalities Peak During The Summer Months

Key Points of This Article: Similar to U.S. averages, the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents in Kentucky happen in June, July, and August. Motorcyclists are much more likely than passenger car occupants to die or become injured in a crash and represent 14% of road fatalities, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Motorcycle drivers are more vulnerable to [...]

Kentucky Counties Where Motorcycle Accidents Occur Most Often

Key Points of This Article: There are an estimated 122,360 motorcycles registered in Kentucky each year. According to Kentucky State Police, motorcyclists represent nearly 8% of the state’s fatal accidents. Jefferson, Fayette, Boone, Hardin, Warren, Kenton, and Daviess Counties have some of the highest numbers of motorcycle accidents in Kentucky. The top contributing factors for [...]

Personal Injury Accident Trends To Watch For In 2020

Rhoads & Rhoads is one of the largest personal injury firms in Western Kentucky with an earned reputation for being aggressive injury attorneys who get results. Personal injury attorneys handle all types of injury and disability cases including motor vehicle accidents, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, disability and more. Statistical research, [...]

What to Know About Riding a Motorcycle in Kentucky

Synopsis State-by-state rider trends identified by GHSA suggests motorcyclist fatalities in the United States decreased by 5.6 percent in 2017, a difference of 296 lives from the year prior. As with a majority of states, Kentucky also reported a decline in motorcyclist fatalities from 90 deaths in 2017 to a comparable 113 in 2016. Male [...]

It’s Spring and Motorcycle Season Has Begun in Kentucky

All Motorists Are Responsible for Watching Out for Kentucky’s Motorcycle Enthusiasts As the spring motorcycle season has been set into motion, drivers of all types are now more likely to be sharing the road with motorcycles. The team at Rhoads & Rhoads knows all too well that means a higher prevalence in motorcycle crashes on [...]

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Deadly Kentucky Motorcycle Accidents Near All-Time High

Fatalities Among Motorcycle Drivers and Passengers Remain High The summer sunshine and warmer weather typically means more motorcycles are on the roads, but that also means more  motorcycle crashes for Kentucky riders. Kentucky’s Commission on Motorcycle Education and Safety has reported a rise in injuries and deaths related to the more than 2,000 motorcycle accidents [...]

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ATV Accident Proves Fatal for Toddler

Last week proved tragic for a family off-roading in a side-by-side model of all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Spencer Lawson, 27, of Owenton, was driving the vehicle with two passengers, a female and a 2-year old child, when the vehicle overturned on a wet roadway. The female passenger and the child were taken to St. Elizabeth of [...]

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